Doing What Matters (DWM) and Design-it-Build it-Ship-it (DBS) Announce Trade & Logistics Launch Event March 26, 2014

By Doing What Matters on Feb 14, 2014

Today the Transportation & Logistics Cluster Leadership (one of three industry sectors within DWM and DBS purview), announced that it will host an ‘invitation only’ breakfast event on March 26, 2014 at the Port of Oakland to officially launch its collaboration between the academic (K-16) and logistics business community.

Modeled after successful industry partnerships in other regions of the U.S., this initiative will be an ongoing regional forum for East Bay companies involved in transportation and logistics to collectively address issues related to competitiveness and growth. Companies that have participated in cluster partnerships have found them to be of value and result in tangible benefits such as a more qualified workforce, increased productivity, reduced turnover, and even new business innovations.

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