Indonesia Trade Forum Welcomes Bandung, West Java Delegation to Oakland

By Doing What Matters on Aug 07, 2015

By Margot Lederer Prado, Senior Business Development Specialist, City of Oakland

On June 5th, 2015 the City’s Economic Development division co-hosted an Indonesia Business Forum with the Consulate General, Republic of Indonesia with 65 in attendance. The Forum was held upon the occasion of the visit of the Mayor of Bandung, West Java (population 2.7million) and his delegation to the Bay Area. The 18-member delegation included the Director of the Smart City Council, and the Directors of Public Policy, Urban Development, and Public Works. The Mayor’s visit to the U.S. was ambitious, and included\speaking appearances at the Smart Cities (NYC) and World Cities (Washington D.C.) conferences, a meeting with Mayor Libby Schaaf, meetings with Pixar, Facebook and Twitter, and a meeting with the Dean of his alma mater-UC Berkeley School of Architecture.

The Mayor was also accompanied by Indonesian businessmen who are partnering with him in the development of a “Teknopolis” urban center in Bandung, intended to attract business and encourage innovation and employment.

Oakland and Bandung have much in common as second cities within strong economic regions. Both cities have creative professional strengths in fashion, design, architecture, engineering, growing tech clusters and are the seat of strong higher education institutions. Mayor Kamil is seeking a partnership with Oakland to share best practices in smart city governance, community engagement, beneficial use of open public open space including urban agriculture, and arts integration in city urban design. In turn, Oakland can benefit from the international perspective of this dynamic nation, the policies and practices already set in place by Bandung city government. Indonesia’s new president, Joko Widodo, elected this past year, brings a new style of governance that will lead Indonesia to become one of the top ten economies in the world by 2020.

The forum was attended by leaders from the Oakland-East Bay business community including Hodo Soy tofu, Sweet Marias coffee, Rolls Royce Engine Company- all Oakland companies. Also present was the renewable energy sector, represented by SFun Cube, Alphabet Energy; marine technology firm, Hadal. The State of California Governor’s Office of Business Development attended along with Councilmember Guillen’s office and Kabari- an Indonesian American digital news service. The Consul General, Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Ardi Hermawan, presented an overview of the Indonesian economy, followed by a graphically-engaging presentation by the Bandung Mayor of his city policies and initiatives.

The event was supported by Kerja Sama USA and hosted by Wendell, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP, with sponsorship by California Community Colleges “Doing What Matters” and California Asia Business Counci. The Port of Oakland Communications Director, Mr. Mike Zampa, and U.S. Commercial Service Joanne Vliet, both made presentations, while Margot Lederer Prado of the City’s Economic Development Department was the moderator. Following the forum, Mayor Libby Schaaf met with Mayor Kamil to discuss areas of common interest and to create a foundation for an ongoing partnership.

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