CITD Academy for International Trade Development

Global Business in High School

Exposing Students to Global Business in High School is Increasingly Important

  • Global business careers not well understood 
  • Students confused: which skill sets most applicable across career sectors?
  • Exposure in high school can lead to increased enrollment in college level global business courses

Student Internships
Student Internships

Creating Curious Minds & Global Leaders INTERNSHIP

  • Global competence begins with being aware, curious and interested in learning
  • Knowledge and skill sets can build upon each other
  • Students gain confidence and continue, over time toward increasing global fluency.

Partners in Building Global Skill Sets

  • Both NASBITE and the CITD have a long history of supporting global business skill development
  • CITD provides support, training and resources for the CGBP exam
  • Collaboration is key in creating greater brand awareness and increasing CGBP certifications
Global Partnerships in International Trade

Digital Badges & Knowledge Domains

  • Global Business Management - students explore decision making skills for international business
  • Global Marketing - students explore the basics of marketing a product overseas
  • Supply Chain Management - students look at different types of shipping and risks, costs
  • Trade Finance - students begin by looking at exchange rates and its impact on sales benefits or losses

CITD Academy Student Internships

CITD Academy

  • Provides a flexible program that educators can tailor to fit their classroom needs

  • Allows for global business exploration through student led activities

  • Creates an opportunity for engaging




CITD Academy - Research

Group Learning

  • Students take on research activities that support global trade issues

  • Classrooms are encouraged to look for local or regional business to model their research

  • Exposure in high school can lead to increased enrollment in college level global business courses

CITD Academy Research-Discover-Explore-Student-Internships

Research, Discover, Explore

  • The CITD Academy builds on the necessary skill sets students need for the classroom and the workplace

  • Encourages group discussion, delegation and decision making

  • The CITD Academy can be part of an existing business, entrepreneurship or other course

Discover Local, Go Global

CITD Academy - Discover Local, Go Global

  • Classrooms are encouraged to look for local or regional business commodities to model their research after

  • Deeper understanding of local trade activities can lead to unique opportunity to engage with business

  • Educators may look for ways to bring local business to the classroom and have students share the results of their research

Foundations for Future Leaders

CITD Academy - Foundations
  • Global skills concepts are being woven into a variety of options leading to key workforce skills
  • Partnerships in education create new ways to engage with students and encourage interest
  • Students are provided with multiple ways to learn about global business and earn recognition for their efforts

Application & Understanding

  • Each domain is part of a research effort for the presentation

  • Assessments at the end of each domain, students take an online

  • Assessments determine student understanding in order to score badge attainment


How To Use Your Digital Badge

SHOW OFF How To Use Your Digital Badge

  • Digital badges are portable electronic icons that can be embedded into other documents and platforms

  • Easy to share with friends, family, educators and employers

  • Pop-up info and live links allow for others to understand skill sets learned in badge attainment
NorCal China

New Ideas & New Partnerships

  • New programs underway building CGBP knowledge

  • Providing opportunities to engage in global workplace

  • Portable digital badge becomes part of stackable certifications
Global Trade and Logistics

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