RK Logistics Group

Founded in 1983, The RK Logistics Group is committed to delivering the highest level of service to each of our customers, all across the world. We take pride in continuing our tradition of fulfilling your storage and transportation needs with a helpful, can-do attitude, every time. Whether it´s storing retail goods and manufacturing components, shipping freight, or distributing to production lines and independent stores, our top priority is catering to your specific needs. And when we say that we always go the extra mile, we mean it. By land, sea or air, we guarantee to meet your specialized distribution requirements and quickly become a transportation partner you can trust. Consistent, timely and dependable service–that´s what you can expect from our first rate employees, and our business that revolves around you.

The RK Logistics Group has spent decades building a reputation as a reliable warehousing, logistics and distribution corporation within manufacturing and retail industries. Simply stated: you can trust us to store and ship your goods–and get them where you need them, when you need them.

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