Logistics Industry

Logistics Industry

Interns and Apprentices in Areas Your Business Needs

Doing What Matters, Global Trade & Logistics works with industry to identify entry mid-level staffing needs in warehousing, transportation, and operations, marketing and other support areas of their businesses.

For example, with the Port of Oakland, we are creating an array of internships across disciplines required during the dramatic expansion of the intermodal terminal and former Oakland Army Base.    

Logistics Industry - 3 Ships Working at Docs

And with Bay Ship & Yacht, we are collaborating to develop an extensive welding program to develop welding skills needed by industry over time.  


Logistics Industry Career Pathway Map
Logistics Industry
Career Pathway Map

We are developing 'stackable' certifications and course series to ensure that community college graduates are the best possible hires for global trade and logistics businesses and departments within companies.