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Northern California will be the first region to pilot these internships with China. DSN's for San Francisco, Marin, the SF East Bay and Far Northern California are collaborating with China to provide meaningful internship experiences for the future business leaders of the region. With China being an increasingly important export market for companies on the US west coast (and around the world), our relationships with industry are essential to cost effective programs that provide directly relevant experience for students - while adding value to participating corporations. 

What are Virtual Internships?

  • The bulk of the work and miniprojects set for the students are done at the CITD Center or host college
  • Bi-Weekly Skype sessions are held with respective project managers in China
  • Regular Skype/Googlehangout sessions for individual students are held with their personal mentors
  • Dependent on funding, highest performing students in each respective track/project have chance to visit their mentors and company in China

What are the core tracts students can apply for? 

  • Global Business Management
  • Global Marketing
  • Supply-Chain Management
  • Trade Finance

What are the core components?

  • Students will work with one of three private companies on the ground in China and work on real commercial projects
  • Although exposure to Chinese - based social media will be inevitable, all business is conducted in English
  • 4-core tracks will be set in accordance to the required credits for the CGBP accreditations and college exams
  • High performing students will be offered paid work after the courses

Why is this program unique?

  • This unique blend of Chinese companies and a US company in Ningbo offers guaranteed standard and security for the students.

Our Virtual Internship Providers on the Ground in China

Virtual Internship

GoforCN Tech Consulting Ltd is an SME’s in accessing government funding
for their start-ups and projects as well as acting as sales contract brokers for export deals. The team is made up of a range of professionals and works in a wide range of industries. GoforCN will act as a partner for the program.

Cellar Boutique:

Cellar Boutique

California Wines (Rosemont International Trading LLC and Rosemont International Hong Kong Ltd.) is owned by the same team as above and is the physical wine platform for small California Wineries in Mainland China. Distribution is small but growing and Cellar Boutique controls the entire chain from winery to customer. An exciting chance for students to engage with local wineries too.

Rosemont International

Rosemont International (Ningbo Rosemont Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd) is a wholly foreign owned company in China run by an American and a Brit with a small local team. Rosemont act as marketing consultants for local Chinese SME’s as well as US firms interesting in exploring the China marketing cost effectively.

China Virtual Internship - Rob Pidduck

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